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Questions and Answers to help you recognize scams!

1. Does refrigerant go bad? No, however if gauges are improperly attached air can get in the system and create high pressures.

2. Is it normal to have refrigerant added each year? No, the system is a closed loop so no refrigerant should need to be added. The system can be low because of a leak in the system. Also improper removal of gauges will remove a little bit of refrigerant each time gauges are attached.

3. Can you really get a FREE Furnace? Nothing is FREE! All equipment and labor costs are inclusive of the contract amount. The final cost covers everything so look at the final cost and the company doing the work ( licensed, insured )

There are competitors who offer $1000+ cashback. If their final price is near their competitors, is the standard price $1000+ too high to begin with?

4. Do we recommend higher SEER than 16 SEER. The savings with a new 16 SEER is substantial to all homeowners. The addition savings is not proportional to the higher SEER ratings. The cost of the equipment and system changes required are substantial and increases the payback years required. Repair costs are also substantial after the warranty period versus the 16 SEER.

5. Do we recommend foaming the attic to create a conditioned envelope for the ductwork? No, the furnace would require upgrades and new venting system is required.

6. Can the refrigerant copper lines existing with a R-22 system be used with the new R-410A system? Manufacturers recommend replacing the copper line set if possible. If reused they have to be flushed to remove the mineral oil since the new system will use POE oil.

7. Do you recommend replacing a failed R-22 system compressor? No, the new compressor will come with POE oil which does not mesh with the mineral oil in the system, condenser coil and evaporator coil.

8. Can a super high Merv filter be installed on a system? Most likely not. The system total resistance may be increased above the design of the blower and the system will be starved for airflow.